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Our Partners

ILCU Foundation

In 2016, among many other things, thanks to your contributions, the foundation has been able to assist in reviving the credit-union movement in Sierra Leone after Ebola devastated the country in 2014.

We have made a firm commitment to the Sierra Leonean movement to support credit unions there until 2025, with the aim of having 100 credit-union access points and 100,000 people accessing services from credit unions by 2025.

Low income earners are excited about the prospect of accessing credit union services as they are the only financial institutions giving them an opportunity to save money and get credit to improve their lives for the better.

In effect, our goal is to mirror the success of the foundation’s Gambian project to which St. Anthony’s & Claddagh credit union has been a major contributor in terms of both financial contribution and technical expertise.

– Alan Moore, CEO, ILCU Foundation


Galway Simon Communitygalway-simon

A sense of community has been an inherent part of Galway Simon’s DNA since establishment in 1979 and this is expressed in how we integrate and support civic engagement in both our own and the wider community.

Over the years, we have seen that for many people who are experiencing homelessness, their journey back to independent living is underpinned by the building of self confidence through involvement in a wide range of educational, employment and community activities. Over the next five years, through the generous support of St. Anthony’s and Claddagh Credit Union, the fund will enable us to complete the implementation of our client involvement strategy.

This will reduce the social isolation of individuals experiencing homelessness and increase the participation of our clients in meaningful activities and broaden educational & employment opportunities. It will also offer opportunities for our clients to contribute to the developments of Galway Simon services thus ensuring that those services address the real needs of the people we support.

– Bill Griffin, CEO, Galway Simon Community


Using Science To Better Healthcuram

Cúram’s goal is to radically improve quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and diabetes, through the development of affordable, transformative, next generation medical devices.

Our key strength lies in our collaborative approach to research with industry and clinical partners.

Cúram supports Science Foundation Ireland’s aim of having the most scientifically informed and engaged public.

To do this, our public engagement programme, with the support of St. Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union, forges collaborations between our scientists and the wider community, to increase awareness and understanding of our research and to inspire new ideas and creativity in both spheres.

– Prof Abhay Pandit, Scientific Director, Cúram


Westside Age Inclusion

Protecting those suffering Domestic Abuse.Westside Age Inclusion believe it is everyone’s right to feel safe and protected from Domestic Abuse.

Westside Age Inclusion Ltd. was established in February 2002 to deliver services to older people who live in the Westside area of Galway City.
Their aim is to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of their clients by identifying and working directly with them in their homes. They are now
able to provide personal alarms to those suffering domestic abuse. ‘By providing personal alarms to those most at risk in our community we
have been able to get help to those in need immediately. We also enable care givers to offer long-term supports and care to people suffering from
Domestic Violence so they can rebuild their lives. The support of St. Anthony’s and Claddagh Credit Union has enabled us to protect those most at risk in our communities. The immediate help these alarms provide can save lives.’

-Nichola Tierney, Manager, Westside Age Inclusion