Operating a Junior Account

A Junior Member has the same rights as a Senior Member.

This means that:

  • The property in the junior account is the sole property of the child. No other person (including the originator of the account) is entitled to us this property for his/her own benefit.
  • Lodgements can be made to the account by the junior member or a third party.
  • Withdrawals from the account must be made by the junior member:
    • If the junior member is less than 7 years of age and unable to give a receipt then the nominated parent or guardian can make a withdrawal on their behalf.
    • If the junior member does not have an Photographic Identification then they must be accompanied by the nominated parent or guardian who must produce photographic identification.
  • The junior member has the right to expect privacy this means that information will only be given to the member. If the member is less than 7 years of age then information can be given to the nominated parent or guardian.
How to open a Junior Account