Activate Funds Transfer

To activate the funds transfer service on your CuOnline account, please complete the form below & click send.

You will then be directed to click on our IDpal link where you will need to upload documentation in order to complete the activation process.

You will need to upload the following 3 documents:

  1. Valid Photo I.D
  2. Proof of Address dated in the last 6 months (Utility bill, bank statement)
  3. Proof of PPSN

(please note we cannot accept a social service card for any of the above)

Transfer Limits online:

Withdrawals Online:

Max withdrawal from your account per day & per week* is €10,000.

Lodgments Online:

Max lodgment into your account is €2,500 per week*

*per week means a 7 day period.


CU Online Funds Transfer
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Member Name:
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Expected turnover per annum on account:
Source for funding for account:
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Please note: after submitting your information you must follow the IDPal link on the confirmation screen to upload your supporting documents.