AGM Registration

Please note that the AGM will be recorded live.

All information must be completed in the form.

AGM Information:
  1. Based on the information you provide we will verify your membership and then you will be sent a formal invitation to the email address you provide in the registration process.
  2. We will then send you a second email in which we will include a link to the minutes of last year’s AGM, Standing Orders for this Year’s AGM & Committee Reports for 2020. These will be taken as read.
  3. Please submit questions to the Board of Directors in advance of the AGM, using the facility when you are registering or you can email us at . The Board will endeavour to answer these at the meeting. See the Standing Orders for details of how questions will be handled at the AGM. Alternatively, use the Q&A function throughout the meeting.
  4. Log on to the AGM, by clicking on the link provided in the invitation you will receive by email. We suggest you logon about 10 minutes before the start time of 7.30pm on 21/4/2021.  If you’re not familiar with Zoom, you will find this short tutorial helpful:
  5. It is important that you note the invitation you receive is specific to you and can only be used on one device.
  6. When you log on you will be made aware that you are ‘waiting’. When the Chair starts the meeting, you will be able to see and hear the meeting. Please select “Join with Computer Audio”, so that you will be able to see and hear the Chair and any persons presenting.  We recommend that while you are waiting, you should use the opportunity to test the sound on your computer so you can be sure it’s working and at the right volume for you to follow the proceedings.
  7. For everyone’s’ comfort, all non-presenting participants will be ‘muted’ during the meeting. Please read the Standing Orders to be clear with how questions & answers will be handled.
  8. There are several items on the agenda where members will be asked to vote. This will be done by electronic A poll will appear on your screen, click on your answer and press submit. You will be given sufficient time to cast your vote (the length of time allowed will be advised at the meeting). The poll will close after that time and the result will be announced by the Chair.
  9. To assist with the minutes, our AGM will be recorded. When the matters of the meeting are concluded, the Chair will end the AGM and close the Zoom link.



The AGM shall be facilitated through the following electronic platform only: ZOOM.

The functionalities on ZOOM shall be utilised in order to ensure expedience and proper conduct of the AGM: These functionalities include:

  • the Raised Hand” facility
  • the “Q&A” facility
  • Voting facility

And, any other manner or technology deemed appropriate by the Chair.                                                    


Each Member shall be entitled to one vote irrespective of their shareholding, in accordance with Rule 5(7). Voting will be by electronic means. When the voting is complete and confirmed, the results shall be announced by the Chair. Where a proposer or seconder is required, this will be achieved through one of the allotted functionalities on ZOOM.



  1. Elections to the Board of Directors, to the Board Oversight Committee and the position of Auditor shall be by majority vote and by secret ballot.
  2.  A list of candidates for the election of the Board, Board Oversight Committee, and the position of Auditor, where applicable, will appear on each Member’s screen at the AGM.
  3.  Each Member will select/approve the candidate(s) for election from the list provided.



  1.  All motions from a Member must be received by the Credit Union within 3 days in advance of the AGM in order for the Credit Union to facilitate the voting process as required.
  2.  The proposer must acknowledge their presence and propose the motion when asked to do so at the AGM by the Chair. The motion must be seconded by a Member at the AGM. This will be achieved through one of the allotted functionalities on ZOOM. If the proposer is not present when the motion is called, the motion shall be deemed to have failed.
  3.  A proposer of a motion may speak for such period as shall be at the discretion of the Chair at the meeting and shall have the right of reply before the motion is put to the meeting for a vote, when called upon to do so by the Chair and for such time as the Chair deems appropriate. The proposer will be prompted by the “Count Down” facility on ZOOM which can be seen on his/her screen.
  4. In exercising his/her right of reply, a proposer may not introduce new material.
  5. The Chair reserves the right of response to all motions and to present a countermotion.
  6.  Members are entitled to propose questions or comments on any such motion and must do so through the “Q&A” facility on ZOOM. Such questions or comments shall be read aloud by the Chair and at the discretion of the Chair.
  7. The Chair shall have the absolute right to decide at any time when a motion has been sufficiently discussed and may put the motion to a vote.



  1. The Chair of the Board of Directors shall be the Chair of any general meeting, except where he/she is not available, then it shall be the Vice-Chair, except where he/she is not available, in which case the Board shall decide amongst themselves who shall act as Chair of any general meeting.
  2.  The Chair may at his/her discretion, address questions or comments as they come in through the “Q&A” facility. The Chair will endeavour to address all questions and comments but in the interest of expedience and the proper conduct of the meeting, all questions and comments may not be addressed at the AGM.
  3. Matters not covered by the Agenda may be introduced under “Other Business” at the discretion of the Chair.
  4. The Chair’s decision on any other matter relating to these Standing Orders or interpretation of same shall be final.
  5. In accordance with Rule 5(7) no Member shall have more than one vote on each question at any general meeting of the Credit Union or any adjournment thereof irrespective of his/her shareholding or the number of accounts in his/her name in the credit union provided, however, that except in voting at elections, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote in the event of equality of voting. Voting by proxy shall be allowed only when a Member other that a natural person votes through a representative, who is a member of the group, duly authorised in writing for that purpose and accepted as such by the Board of Directors.
  6. Any matter to be decided upon by a vote at the AGM shall, unless otherwise expressly provided for by law or the rules, be decided upon by simple majority.
  7. SUSPENSION OF STANDING ORDERS: Any one of these Orders or all of these Standing Orders may be suspended on a motion to this effect receiving a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.
  8.  ALTERATION OF STANDING ORDERS: Standing Orders may be amended or altered at a general meeting and only if a motion to this effect has received a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.
  9.  ADJOURNMENTS: Adjournments of the AGM shall take place only in accordance with Rule 5(9).

If you have any questions regarding the AGM, feel free to contact us.